Cafe Manager Jobs in Australia
A Cafe Manager is responsible for the running of a cafe that sells a variety of specialty coffee, drinks and snacks. They make the major decisions on staff recruitment, menus, product range and budget.

A Cafe Manager recruits professional hospitality or retail staff, including the kitchen and floor staff. This requires them to determine the level of competency and qualifications required, write job descriptions, interview and employ the right staff for their operation.

Cafe Managers are then responsible for setting staff rosters, motivating and assessing staff and ensuring that customer service is of a high standard consistently.

Typical duties of a Cafe Manager include:

  • meeting with vendors and sales agents to order food and supplies
  • determining a budget for wages, supplies, equipment and outgoing costs
  • determining the costs of food, drinks and any other items for sale
  • greeting customers and providing menu advice and recommendations
  • managing the accounts payable and receivable
  • motivating staff and providing training (either internally or externally) where beneficial
  • advertising and marketing the cafe

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