Apprentice Chef Jobs in Australia
The Apprentice Chef jobs include:
  • assisting the chef in the preparation and cooking of meals
  • training to learn procedures and duties in food preparation
  • working under the supervision of the chef
  • operating commercial cooking equipment such as mixers, steamers, fryers, ovens and stoves
  • serves food when required
  • kitchen cleaning, such as dish washing and equipment cleaning
  • assists in other areas of food preparation and storage

An Apprentice Chef needs to be passionate about food. Training for an Apprentice Chef covers basic culinary skills, knife skills, knowledge of ingredients, use of commercial equipment and kitchen procedures. The training may include formal education at a culinary school as well as on the job training in the workplace.

An Apprentice Chef is required to develop the skills and knowledge that will prepare them to run their own kitchens. The kitchen works at a fast pace and work schedules can include long hours. The Apprentice Chef may be expected to work split shifts and late nights.

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