Apprentice Butcher Jobs in Australia
An Apprentice Butcher receives intensive on-the-job training while also attending a training institution to gain formal qualifications.

An Apprentice Butcher may work in a large factory that produces bulk meat items for supermarket or delicatessen sales, or in a small, independent butcher shop.

Australian Apprentices receive additional assistance from the Government in most circumstances. Those keen to enter an Apprentice Butcher position may benefit from the advice and expertise of an Apprenticeship Centre.

An Apprentice Butcher will master the following skills:

  • preparing meat, fish and poultry for sale
  • unloading meat carcasses from delivery trucks
  • using specialised equipment to prepare meat (including power saws, cleavers and hand saws)
  • understanding the various “cuts” of meat, including steaks, chops, or roasts
  • grinding meat to make mince
  • preparing sausages and cured meats
  • weighing and wrapping customer orders from a display case
  • recommending particular cuts of meat for customer specified needs

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