Medical and Health Services Manager Jobs in Australia
A Medical and Health Services Manager is responsible for the provision and commissioning of local health care through the management of hospital, general practitioner (GP) and community health services. Medical and Health Services Managers liaise with clinical and non-clinical staff and staff in partner organisations.

Typical duties include:

  • liaising and negotiating with medical and non-medical staff internally (often at the most senior levels), and with people in external organisations (social services, voluntary groups or the private sector)
  • managing clinical, professional, clerical and administrative staff
  • managing the recruitment, selection, appraisal and development of staff
  • overseeing the day-to-day management of an organisation, a specific unit or a service area
  • implementing new policies and directives
  • gathering and analysing data and using it to plan and manage both projects and systems
  • working towards ensuring quality and value for money for patients
  • extrapolating data for quality assurance and monitoring purposes

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