Audiologist Jobs in Australia
Audiologists test and diagnose people's hearing from all age groups, from babies right through to adults. They also undergo training with hearing aids and cochlear implants, and may specialise in fitting hearing aids or testing balance.

Audiologists need to be patient when working with kids, and flexibility, problem solving and organisational skills are also important.

Duties include:

  • establish a client's problems with hearing and listening by conducting interviews
  • assess the extent of hearing loss and location of the problem using a wide range of techniques, including audiometric tests such as air and bone conduction tests
  • report results of assessment and testing in writing and make referrals to medical practitioners
  • provide rehabilitation programs
  • assess hearing levels of workers, such as pilots or members of the armed forces
  • prescribe, fit and evaluate hearing aids and other devices, such as cochlear implants
  • provide training in communication strategies such as lip reading and in the use of auditory and other devices
  • conduct follow-up consultations after hearing aids have been fitted
  • assist with the development and management of noise control and hearing conservation strategies in industry

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