Ambulance Officer (Paramedic) Jobs in Australia
It is an Ambulance Officers responsibility to respond to and treat medical and trauma emergencies outside a hospital setting, both prior to and during transportation to hospital.

Ambulance Officers usually transport patients to an emergency department, but may be able to adequately treat patients at the site of the emergency.

Daily duties of an Ambulance Officer may include:

  • driving an ambulance to medical emergencies requiring the administration of life support
  • lift and place patients on stretchers
  • assess, plan and manage patients’ treatment
  • administer pain relieving drugs
  • prepare patient reports
  • attend public events and gatherings where emergency medical care may be necessary
  • ensuring that medical supplies are well-stocked and maintained

Ambulance Officers must be exceptional communicators as they are required to deal with members of the community who are in highly emotional situations. They must be calm under pressure and able to handle difficult and emotionally confronting situations, such as sudden death or road accident traumas.

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