Therapist Jobs in Australia
Therapists help people address mental, behavioural or emotional issues that may be affecting them and their relationships with others. Therapists may work in schools, social services settings and correctional facilities. Therapists work one-on-one with clients to develop treatment plans and work towards those goals in regular session.

Therapist jobs include:

  • assisting patients with reaching their treatment goals
  • plan and evaluates individual treatment plans
  • monitors treatment plan objectives
  • prepares patient progress reports and completion notices
  • maintains accurate records to ensure compliance with all regulations
  • serves as an information resource for mental health issues
  • provides education for different circumstances
  • executes therapeutic plan, skill building and case management for individuals

Therapist Job Skills include:

  • good interpersonal abilities with a tactful approach
  • excellent organizational skills
  • supports rehabilitative concepts
  • ability to take direction in various settings
  • manages multiple priorities simultaneously

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