Radiation Therapist Jobs in Australia
Radiation Therapists use specialised equipment to administer radiation treatment to patients. As part of the Radiation Therapists job during the treatment phase, the Radiation Therapist monitors the patient’s condition to determine if any adverse side effects are taking place. The Radiation Therapist must monitor the patient’s emotional well being. The Radiation Therapist is with the patients in times of great stress and are emotionally fragile, and must maintain a positive attitude and provide emotional support.

It is a Radiation Therapists job to keep accurate and detailed records of their patients’ treatments. These include the exact dose of radiation used for each treatment, the total amount of radiation used to date, the area treated, and the patient’s reactions. Radiation Therapists submit the records to radiation oncologists and dosimetrists to and ensure that the treatment is working, to monitor the amount of radiation exposure that the patient has had, and to keep side effects to a minimum.

Radiation Therapists also assist medical radiation physicists, workers who monitor and adjust the equipment. Radiation Therapists often work alone during the treatment and must be able to check the equipment for problems and make any adjustments required.

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