Psychologist Jobs in Australia
Psychologists treat and study the human mind and human behaviour. Research Psychologists investigate the physical, cognitive, emotional, or social aspects of human behaviour. Psychologists in health service fields provide mental health care in hospitals, clinics, schools, or private settings.

Psychologists work to help mentally and emotionally distressed patients adjust to life and assist medical and surgical patients in dealing with illnesses or injuries. Psychologists may also work in physical rehabilitation settings, with people in personal or family crisis.

A Psychologists job often includes:

  • interviewing patients
  • administer diagnostic testing
  • providing individual, family, or group psychotherapy
  • developing and implement behaviour modification programs
  • working with physicians and other specialists to develop and implement treatment

Psychologists work within universities, schools, and business where they provide support, counselling and therapy for the students and staff associated within the scope of their environment.

Psychologists work with psychiatrists, other Psychologists, nurses, and other health care professionals.

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