Prosthodontist Jobs in Australia
Prosthodontists provide dental restorative treatment for underlying problems before focusing on the cosmetic aspect of the procedure. Prosthodontists specialise in crowns, bridges and dentures and other methods to replace missing teeth.

A Prosthodontist’s job includes:

  • specialisation in the esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth
  • reconstruction to improve appearance and restore function
  • restoration of appearance and function
  • the treatment planning and restoration of implants
  • examining patients teeth and gums using dental equipment and X-rays
  • repairing decayed and broken teeth using rebuilding methods such as crowns and bridges
  • treat diseases of the roots, gums
  • perform dental surgical procedures, such as extraction, as well more complex operations on the jaws and soft tissues
  • administer local anesthetics when carrying out treatment
  • design and fit dentures, crowns and bridges to replace lost or unsound teeth

A Prosthodontist requires formal education in dentistry as well as further training in Prosthodontic dentistry.

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