Pathologist Jobs in Australia
Pathologists work in hospital laboratories or in outpatient reference laboratories. The Pathologist directs the general operations of the laboratory and diagnosing the biopsies and samples sent for testing from the physicians.

Pathology is divided into two major specialties, anatomic and clinical pathology. An Anatomic Pathologist deals with the tissue diagnosis. A Clinical Pathologist deals with the laboratory test diagnosis.

Responsibilities of the Pathologist’s job include:

  • ensure all results are reported are accurately
  • ensure the results are communicated to the rest of the medical staff in a clear and concise
  • providing direction and guidance for the laboratory
  • studying the nature, cause, and development of diseases
  • diagnosis of diseases from body tissue samples, fluids, secretions, and other specimens
  • testing for the presence and stage of diseases
  • working with medical practitioners, laboratory technician and other medical professionals

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