Nutritionist Jobs in Australia
Nutritionists advise individuals and the community about food choices for a healthy diet. Nutritionists have an extensive knowledge of the nutritive value of foods, the nutrients required by the body at all stages of development, and the role of nutrients and diet in health and the prevention of disease.

Nutritionists can be involved in the research and development of food products and they may also do research into the role of nutrients and dietary patterns in health and disease.

Nutritionist’s jobs include:

  • consult with individuals and groups, about their dietary habits and assess potential nutritional deficiencies
  • prescribe diet plans based upon the assessment of medical and nutritional needs
  • work with other health professionals on nutrition
  • monitor patient progress and quality of food to provide ongoing nutritional care
  • collect, organise and analyse data relating to the health and nutrition behaviours of specific groups
  • plan, conduct and evaluate nutrition programs
  • provide counselling and consulting services to therapeutic institutions

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