Epidemiologist Jobs in Australia
Epidemiologists perform research, education, and public health practice in universities, government agencies, international organizations, and private corporations.

Epidemiologist jobs involve:

  • developing and refining methods of measuring and evaluating disease occurrences
  • developing and recommending public health policy
  • studying or researching chronic diseases, infectious diseases, disease outbreaks, injuries, occupations, and environments
  • investigate preventive methods, and treatments for disease
  • investigating diseases or parasites to determine cause, risk factors and mode of transmission

Epidemiology has many different specialisations, including:

  • the study of infectious and chronic diseases
  • environmental and occupational determinants of diseases
  • genetics determinants of diseases

Epidemiologist jobs require a degree in a related field such as medicine, health science or biomedical science. Epidemiologist's work closely with physicians, educators, researchers and government health officials providing advice and consultation on public health issues.

Epidemiologists standardise drug dosages, methods of immunization, and procedures for the manufacture of drugs and medicinal compounds. It is also the Epidemiologists job to prepare and analyse samples studying the effects of drugs, gases, pesticides, or microorganisms on cells and tissue.

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