Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Jobs in Australia
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers using sonography or ultrasonography equipment, generate images used for the assessment and diagnosis of medical conditions.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are required to operate specialist equipment to record images inside the patient's body. Sonographers operate the equipment that may videotape, transmit, or photograph the images for interpretation and diagnosis by a physician.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers select appropriate equipment settings and direct the patient to move into positions that will provide the best result from the equipment. Viewing the screen during the scan, Sonographers are required to select the images that are satisfactory for diagnostic purposes for the physician. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers take measurements, calculate values, and analyse the results to submit preliminary reports to the physician.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers:

  • work directly with patients
  • keep patient records
  • adjust and maintain equipment
  • prepare work schedules
  • evaluate equipment purchases

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer jobs require a completed formal education in Sonography, formal training or a combination of both.

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