Acupuncturist Jobs in Australia
Using ancient Chinese principles of energy flow, Acupuncturists insert needles into their patients, thereby stimulating and regulating various systems. These include the hormonal, nervous, immune, circulatory and muscular systems in order to restore any imbalances in the body. It's a bit like clearing a pathway that has become obstructed.

The very fine needles (15 acupuncture needles would fit into the head of one hyperdermic needle) are inserted into any of the 360 common standard points on a patient's body where they are left for twenty minutes.

Sometimes an Acupuncturist may use other methods of stimulating these pressure points, depending on the patient and their condition. For example, a small child frightened of needles may have laser stimulus, or a stubborn nicotine addiction may require electro-stimulus in conjunction with the needles. Massage, heat treatments and herbs may also be used by an Acupuncturist in conjunction with needles.

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