Registered Mental Health Nurse Jobs in Australia
Registered Mental Health Nurses assess, plan, provide and evaluate preventative, curative and rehabilitative care for patients in a wide variety of settings. These include public and private hospitals, nursing homes, community and home-based services, and in industry.

Registered Mental Health Nurses may perform the following tasks:

  • provide physical and technical nursing care and support for patients
  • make sure patients receive treatment prescribed by doctors and other health professionals
  • provide emotional and psychological support and information to patients and their families
  • supervise, or carry out, nursing care of patients
  • observe, monitor, assess, report and document patients' conditions and responses to treatment
  • give medication in accordance with sound working knowledge of legislation and pharmacology
  • monitor and adjust medical equipment used in patient care and treatment, which can be highly technical and complex
  • assist in the rehabilitation of patients
  • assist with patients' discharge planning
  • provide first aid, assist in routine medical examinations, give advice on health matters and maintain sickness and accident records (where employed by large industrial or commercial organisations)
  • answer questions and provide information to patients and families about treatment and care
  • contribute to the clinical training of nursing students

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