Policy Officer Jobs in Australia
Policy Officers work at varying levels in both State and Federal Government. With broad and diverse portfolios, there are many areas a Policy Officer can work in, from Agriculture & Fisheries, through to Arts & Culture, Telecommunications & Broadband, or Indigenous Health.

It's the job of Policy Officers to undertake ongoing analysis and assist in the development of policy on complex public issues. Policy officers conduct thorough research and take responsibility for the administration involved in research and policy development and integration. They will be required to

  • form relationships
  • liaise and negotiate with public and private stakeholders, including other departments, state and territory agencies, industry representatives and organisations

Policy Officers must be knowledgeable about relevant and applicable grants, awards and partnership matters as they apply to their policy area. As public servants, Policy Officers will be required to prepare and present articulate, timely and accurate correspondence, minutes, briefings, reports and speeches in the interests of transparent government processes. They will also be involved in the planning, budgeting, analysis and reporting on the performance of projects in their policy area.

While many Policy Officers have general degrees, as in Arts or Science, it can be advantageous to have qualifications in political science or public policy and management.

An understanding of the Federal and State Government structure and Parliamentary procedures will be highly beneficial to Policy Officers.

The public service offers appealing conditions in the way of structured training and development programs, excellent remuneration, superannuation and employee leave and benefits. Roles for Policy Officers are open to Senior Executives as well as new graduates through a comprehensive Graduate Program in most, if not all, departments.

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