Navy Jobs in Australia

The Navy is the sea branch of the armed forces dealing with the defence, protection and service of the Nation.

The Navy provides both mental and physical training to all new recruits to prepare them for service. Once initial training is completed, the individual recruits receive occupation-specific training.

The Navy provides a variety of career opportunities to recruits regardless of education level. Navy recruits are able to pursue work in several fields including the information technology, construction, hospitality, mechanical and engineering.

The Navy provides living accommodations, meals, uniform and full health-care benefits. The Navy requires peak levels of physical fitness that must be maintained to a high standard. The Navy require an aptitude test to be passed and a physiological evaluation to be undertaken.

In the Navy it is essential to be available for assignment in any location at any given time and a candidate must be prepared to work long and irregular hours and be prepared to represent their nation conscientiously at all times.

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