Fish Packer Jobs in Australia
A Fish Packer packs dressed fish in ice and records weight. They also read orders to determine quantity, size, and variety of fish to be packed. A Fish Packer on a fishing boat has the following responsibilities:
  • attach runners, weights, buoys, anchors, poles, stakes, wood or metal beams to nets, traps or pots
  • tie nets together to form fleets of nets and fasten towing cables to nets
  • set and haul nets, anchors, lines and pots
  • sort, clean, process, preserve and package catch
  • repair nets and assist in the operation and maintenance of vessels and equipment
  • load, unload and stow supplies and equipment
  • operate dinghies and dories
  • operate winches and other deck equipment

The methods used to catch fish may vary and include the use of pots, line fishing, trawling and net fishing.

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