Chef Jobs in Australia
Chefs plan and prepare food using various cooking techniques, depending on the type of cuisine. There are many environments in which a Chef can be employed, including as a private chef, on cruise ships, in large restaurants, cafes, in hotels or aged care hostels.

In a kitchen, the Chef normally works as part of a team responsible for a particular area, perhaps bread and pastries, vegetables or sauces. The Executive Chef, or Head Chef, supervises the running of the kitchen.

There are various ways to enter this occupation, including undertaking studies in hospitality, traineeships and apprenticeships.

Chefs will take on the following tasks:

  • planning menus around certain cuisines or available facilities within a specified budget
  • liaising with suppliers of produce
  • hiring, supervising and motivating staff including kitchenhands, waiters, sous chefs and apprentices
  • monitoring the quality of food produced and advising on presentation
  • ensuring that occupational health and safety guidelines are followed

Trainee chefs develop skills in each area of the kitchen, mastering the ability to prepare different produce and master preparation techniques, including knife skills, kneading and pastry.

With experience, the trainee chef progresses to Chef de Partie, responsible for management of a section of the kitchen, before moving on to becoming a Sous Chef. The Sous Chef runs the entire kitchen on behalf of the Head Chef when required.

A Chef has work prospects across a diversity of workplace environments, and excellent international opportunities also.

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