Insolvency Specialist Jobs Profile in Australia
An Insolvency specialist advises creditors on negotiating payment workouts with borrowers, purchasing assets out of bankruptcy and planning corporate financial transactions. The Insolvency specialist also represents creditors in court or before government agencies and presents cases to judges and juries.

Other Insolvency positions are available in the areas of:

  • Voluntary Administrations
  • Deed Of Company Arrangements
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidations
  • Members Voluntary Liquidations
  • Official Liquidations
  • Receiverships

An Insolvency Specialist requires an understanding of key business drivers and excellent financial analysis skills with the ability to interpret financial statements. A formal qualification in a finance, accounting, business or related discipline is a requirement for an Insolvency Specialist. An Insolvency Specialist job includes interrupting customer accounts and insolvency activities, strategy and trends, and reporting.

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