Bank Teller Jobs Profile in Australia
A Bank Teller communicates directly with customers to assist them in their bank transactions. They often represent the bank as the first point of contact for customers and excellent presentation and customer service skills are required.

Bank Tellers are often required to provide customer account and bank service details, therefore they must be knowledgeable about the range of services available and the appropriateness of promoting particular services or options to customers.

Bank Tellers handle highly confidential information and must be discreet and respectful of privacy and security issues.

The day-to-day duties of a Bank Teller include:

  • cashing and depositing cheques
  • making savings deposits and withdrawals
  • issuing cashier’s cheques, traveller’s cheques and money orders
  • promoting bank products, including loans, mortgages and advisor services
  • resolving customer concerns
  • balancing the vault, cash drawers and ATMs
  • ordering products for the customer, such as chequebooks or deposit slips

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