Spray Tanner Jobs in Australia
A Spray Tanner applies bronzing spray or lotion to the skin to temporarily create the illusion of a suntan. This is a popular and safer alternative to sun beds or actual sun tanning, which have been linked to skin cancers.

Spray Tanners apply solutions containing DHA, a chemical solution which interacts with dead skin cells to produce a brown colour change over the eight hours following application.

Clients are usually required to undress to their underwear in order to have the spray evenly applied. Spray Tanners must ensure a clean, safe and comfortable environment for clients before, during and after the application of tanning solution.

Most Spray Tanners work within a salon environment that may also offer additional beauty services. Some Spray Tanners work on a freelance basis and travel to client homes or worksites.

Spray Tanners must be able to:

  • set up airbrush equipment
  • store and access DHA solution safely
  • prepare client’s skin for application
  • apply solution to the face and body
  • direct the client to certain positions to apply solution
  • maintain a safe, clean and secure environment

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