Modelling Jobs in Australia
Models pose for still photographers, television cameras, and artists. They also display clothes and accessories for clothing manufacturers and stores.

Artists’ Models typically work for individual painters, sculptors, and photographers, but most also work for art schools on a part-time basis. They must be comfortable working nude or wearing very little clothing, since the contours and fine lines of their bodies must be visible to the artists. Artists' Models also need the ability to hold poses for long periods of time.

Photographic Models are hired by advertising agencies and freelance photographers. They may appear in a print advertisement for clothing, accessories, or makeup. Photographic Models also appear on magazine covers and in feature stories. These Models must be attractive, photogenic, and able to portray different moods by changing their expressions or poses.

Fashion Models generally work for clothing manufacturers, fashion magazines, retail stores, or dress designers. They display the latest in clothing designs at fashion shows and are sometimes referred to as runway models. Other Fashion Models work in showrooms, small designer shops, and department stores.

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