Hairdresser Jobs in Australia
A Hairdresser usually works in a salon environment to cut, dye, style and treat hair. Hairdressing is closely related to the fashion and beauty industries as it is also prone to changes in seasons and fashion trends.

Hairdressers can gain an entry into this trade via apprenticeships and through gaining qualifications at colleges or training and further education institutes. Hairdressers must have excellent communication and customer service skills as they will be meeting and establishing working relationships with a diverse range of clients throughout their day.

While most Hairdressers work in a salon environment, there are opportunities to work freelance for fashion and beauty magazines, styling editorial photo shoots; backstage at fashion and beauty shows; visiting clients at their homes, in hospitals or nursing homes; or creating and styling wigs and hairpieces.

Hairdressers will learn to use a variety of tools, including hairdressing scissors, chemicals for dyeing, perming and straightening, curling tongs, different hairbrushes and beard and moustache trimmers.

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