Cosmetologist Jobs in Australia
A Cosmetologist is a qualified specialist in treating hair, skin and nails. A Cosmetologist can suggest hairstyles, skincare options and cosmetic practices that will flatter individual clients. Depending on the extent of their qualifications, a Cosmetologist may also offer therapeutic treatments and advice within a salon environment. Regulations may vary regionally, but it is generally a requirement that Cosmetologists have passed a written test in order to be licensed to practice.

Typical tasks for a Cosmetologistjob include:

  • meeting with various distributors and marketers to examine new products on the market and determine if they are acceptable for sale in the salon
  • scheduling appointments with clients and providing services for hair, beauty, nail or skin care
  • working with clients as consultants to plan beauty regimes and assess the effectiveness of different types of programs
  • attending beauty fairs, cosmetology conferences and workshops and keeping up-to-date with current trends in the industry

Private consultants and Cosmetologists will also handle their own billing, accounts payable and receivable accounts and do their own marketing and advertising.

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