Chief Executive Officer Jobs Profile in Australia
The Chief Executive Officer is tasked with aligning the company strategically according to a set of short and longer term objectives. The Chief Executive Officer guides executives and employees towards these objectives, while ensuring that business relationships and opportunities outside the business are being advanced.

The Chief Executive Officer reports directly to the board of directors. The Chief Executive Officer must have exceptional management and leadership skills. The effectiveness of a CEO depends on measuring the health of the company’s finances, revenue, human resources management, product quality, facility management, planning and governance.

Amongst the many responsibilities that accompany such a senior position, are:

  • development of realistic and sustainable budgets
  • ensures effective cash flows and no loss of operating funds
  • maintains or increases staff productivity
  • limits staff turnover with effective HR strategies
  • meets yearly objectives in all areas of the company
  • develops and adheres to a clear mission statement and strategic plan
  • oversees a productive and well-functioning board of directors

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