Nuclear Engineer Jobs Profile in Australia
A Nuclear Engineer can follow one of many diverse pathways, depending on their interests, experience and qualifications. Nuclear Engineers may be involved in building high powered nuclear weapons for the defence force, or in developing new applications in nuclear medicine to combat disease. Generally, working conditions involve long hours spent in a laboratory environment.

Nuclear Engineers are, for the most part, employed by Federal Government, utilities companies, and by defence and engineering organisations. The Navy is a major employer also.

Typical tasks of a Nuclear Engineer include:

  • monitoring nuclear facility operations for any design, construction or operational practices that threaten safety regulations
  • examining accidents to obtain data that can be used to design preventative measures
  • designing and developing nuclear equipment, such as reactor cores, radiation shielding and associated instrumentation
  • writing operational instructions to be used in nuclear plant operation, nuclear fuel and waste handling and disposal
  • conduct tests of nuclear fuel behaviour and performance
  • contribute to technical or commercial publications on nuclear energy

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