Civil Engineering Jobs Profile in Australia
Civil Engineers are involved with the design, development and construction of a huge range of projects in the built and natural environment. Their role is central to ensuring the safe, timely and well-resourced completion of projects in many areas, including highway construction, waste management, coastal development and geotechnical engineering.

Civil Engineers work activities include:

  • undertaking technical and feasibility studies and site investigations
  • developing detailed designs
  • assessing the potential risks of specific projects, as well as undertaking risk management in specialist roles
  • supervising tendering procedures and putting together proposals
  • managing, supervising and visiting contractors on site and advising on civil engineering issues
  • communicating and liaising effectively with colleagues and architects, subcontractors, contracting civil engineers, consultants, co-workers and clients
  • thinking both creatively and logically to resolve design and development problems
  • managing budgets and other project resources
  • managing change, as the client may change his or her mind about the design, and identifying, formalising and notifying relevant parties of changes in the project
  • leading teams of other engineers, perhaps from other organisations or firms
  • compiling, checking and approving reports
  • reviewing and approving project drawings
  • using a range of design computer packages for designing projects and undertaking complex and repetitive calculations

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