Special Education Teacher Jobs in Australia
Special Education Teachers may perform the following tasks:
  • assess the abilities and potential of students requiring a specific study program using a variety of tests and other forms of assessment
  • plan special courses of study to meet the needs of students
  • teach academic subjects and practical self-help skills using different methods and aids to assist in the education and/or rehabilitation process
  • develop and adapt curriculum to make it relevant for students with disabilities
  • observe students to evaluate and record their progress, and to detect signs of any deterioration of developmental disorder, ill health or emotional disturbance
  • work closely with other professionals including guidance officers, speech therapists and psychologists
  • promote health and safety concepts and social interaction with other students
  • assist students with their toileting, feeding and other personal matters (this may require lifting the students)
  • discuss aspects of the student's development with parents and other educators

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