Kindergarten Teacher Jobs in Australia
A Kindergarten Teacher instructs children between the ages of two and seven, allowing for variance in country and regional requirements.

Kindergarten teachers assist young children to learn to play and communicate with their peers in preparation for the school environment. It is a Kindergarten Teacher’s aim to provide constructive games and activities to educate children in the basics of math, language, creativity and cooperation.

A Kindergarten Teacher prepares the children for social interaction be establishing and enforcing rules for behavior, and classroom procedure.

A Kindergarten Teacher evaluates children's performance, behavior, social development, and educational needs in order to better instruct students individually and as a group, adapting teaching methods to meet students' needs and ability.

Kindergarten Teachers may attend meetings to establish curriculums and to discuss the progress of their charges. They must also attend to the health and safety of children under their duty of care.

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