Graduate Jobs Profile in Australia
Graduate jobs in Australia are for those who have recently completed a qualification in their chosen area. The transition from studying to working can be overwhelming; graduate jobs are an excellent stepping stone, starting employees on their career paths by providing on-the-job training.

There are many industries that offer Graduate positions; some of the major employers of graduates include accounting, business, commerce, engineering and IT.

Some Graduate jobs are designed to help Graduates work out exactly what kind of position they want to work towards. Rotational programs allow graduates to gain experience in several different departments for a few months at a time, after which they might be invited to choose the area they wish to work in.

Specialist Graduate jobs will direct employees to a specialist area immediately, where they will commence work under the supervision of a graduate manager.

The first step to getting the Graduate job you want is presenting an excellent application. Your resume and cover letter is the first contact you have with a potential employer, so you want to make the best possible impression.

ISMYCV can help you create an outstanding Graduate cover letter and resume. You might also be interested in our Trainee jobs profile.

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