Education Administrator Jobs Profile in Australia
Education Administrators are responsible for the management of administration and support systems that enable the effective running of an educational institution. Most Education Administrators are employed in Higher Education or Technical and Further Education (TAFE), although there are also opportunities in schools and private colleges.

Education Administrators work across various departments, including admissions, quality assurance, finance, vocational counselling and human resources. Daily tasks will vary from one job to another and across the different institutions, but commonly include:

  • meeting with committees including academic boards and governing bodies
  • assisting in recruitment, public relations and communications activities
  • supervising registration, admission and graduation procedures
  • providing administrative support to academic staff, including teachers, lecturers and tutors
  • drafting and explaining regulations, including queries and complaints procedures
  • coordinating examination and assessment processes
  • establishing course evaluation and course approval procedures
  • managing budgets and assisting in auditing procedures
  • liaising with other administrative staff, academic professionals and students
  • liaising with other academic institutions, governing bodies, prospective students and contract personnel
  • organising promotional or fundraising events and ensuring all promotional material is accurate and available

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