Training Facilitators Jobs in Australia
Training Facilitators require qualifications and experience to deliver inspiring and industry-specific training programs that are designed to either introduce new employees to the principles of customer service, or to enhance the knowledge and skills of current employees.

Generally, Training Facilitators are contracted on a casual basis to run training programs either on-site or from a Training Site. They are usually selected and employed by the Human Resources department, in line with the training requirements of the organisation.

Training Facilitators:

  • are qualified with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • research the latest trends in learning, development and customer service methods of delivery and quality assessment
  • can articulate complex concepts and theories into accessible information for those attending the training course
  • can deliver training programs that comprehensively address the skills and knowledge required by employees at varying levels of seniority and experience
  • present clear and engaging verbal and oral tutorials
  • develop supporting material, including printed fact sheets, illustrated graphs and manuals, or CD-ROM/DVD enhanced training guides

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