Market Research Surveyor Jobs in Australia
Market research is considered essential to the growth and expansion of a brand. Market research enables the Marketing department to identify and target their audience, and later to ensure that their messages and branding activities are being well-received.

A Market Research Surveyor may telephone, go door to door, or approach people in shopping centres or polling centres to collect information about peoples’ attitudes and behaviours relating to products and services, or political and social issues. This information will be interpreted later by analysts.

Market Research Surveyors may work directly for an organisation, or for an agency that is contracted to conduct the interviews on behalf of the organisation. Surveyors work as part of a team, following specific questionnaires and scripts, to collect the information required.

Market Research Surveyors collect information that assists in:

  • monitoring product and brand usage
  • media and readership surveys
  • consumer profiles
  • market feasibility studies
  • corporate image studies
  • public opinion polls

The Surveyor must remain neutral in their tone and attitude so as not to affect the responses. Because the Surveyor is interacting with many people, of all cultures and attitudes, they must be tolerant, patient and considerate.

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