Roofer Jobs Profile in Australia
A Roofer covers building structures with slate, asphalt, aluminum, wood or other materials using specific tools and equipment. A Roofer may spray roofs, sidings and walls to bind, seal, insulate or soundproof structures.

A Roofers duties include:

  • fastening composition shingles or sheets to roofs with asphalt, cement or nails
  • aligns roofing materials with edge of roof
  • cuts strips of flashing and fits them into angles formed by walls and vents
  • applies gravel or pebbles over top layer
  • cuts roofing paper to size and nails or staples paper to roof
  • insulates, soundproofs and seals buildings with foam
  • removes snow, water or debris from roofs prior to applying materials
  • cleans and maintains equipment

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