Rigger Jobs Profile in Australia
A Rigger assists in operating machines that move heavy objects, including steel plates and rods, drilling towers, platforms and heavy construction equipment.

Riggers work on construction sites but can also work on ships, in factories and mines, oil rigs and in the entertainment industry, assembling and installing rigging gear, cables, ropes, pulleys and winches.

Rigger's responsibilities include:

  • inspecting objects to be moved, to estimate their size, shape and weight and decide on the type of equipment necessary
  • erecting a temporary jib or derrick, and install cables, pulleys, booms, braces and other tackle
  • attaching hooks, slings, chains and cables to lift loads safely
  • erecting cranes and mobile crane booms, increasing the height of tower cranes by bolting component parts in place and rigging cables
  • erecting structural steel for buildings and precast-concrete panels used on facades of buildings
  • inspecting, maintaining and repairing equipment
  • ensuring that work safety requirements are met at all times

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