Plasterers and Renderers Jobs Profile in Australia
Plasterers and Renderers apply decorative and protective coverings to the interiors and exteriors of buildings. Entry into this field of occupation is most commonly via an apprenticeship.

Typical duties of a Plasterer and Renderer include:

  • levelling and straightening corners, angles, wall and ceiling surfaces
  • cleaning and preparing surfaces using mechanical hammers
  • mixing and applying coats of plaster, cement, render or similar materials
  • applying finishing coats of plaster to give a smooth finish or decorative texture
  • finish underside of concrete floors with a mixture of cement and granite chips or blue metal
  • erect scaffolding and trestles

Plasterers and Renderers must be physically fit with good hand-eye coordination, ability to work from plans, and preparedness to work at heights on scaffolding or ladders.

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