Painters and Decorators Jobs Profile in Australia
Painters and Decorators may work on new buildings or as part of a team of renovators. Prior to starting work, Painters and Decorators visit the site and evaluate the work and materials required. At this point, they will also assess the number of sub-contractors that might be needed. Following this initial evaluation, Painters and Decorators ought to provide accurate time and cost estimations to the client.

Common duties of Painters and Decorators include:

  • setting up scaffolding, ladders and dropsheets (protective covering)
  • remove existing paint or wallpaper with sanding or chemical removers
  • secures paint in the colours approved by client
  • applies paint to prepared surfaces
  • cleans up the site after painting and decorating duties are complete
  • ensure occupational health and safety procedures are followed
  • invoices client and provides receipt for services rendered

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