Labourer Jobs Profile in Australia
A Labourer assists tradespeople on building and construction sites. Their role is to undertake a range of manual labouring jobs. A Labourer may specialise in a particular field, such as bricklaying, or apply their skills across a variety of labouring tasks. Depending on the environment they are working in, Labourers may also be called steelfixers, doggers, riggers, or scaffolders.

Most Labourers work as part of a gang and may seek employment job-by-job as opposed to a secure, permanent position.

Typical duties of a Labourer include:

  • cleaning up construction sites
  • building scaffolding
  • working with hand tools
  • moving materials on the construction site as required
  • assisting with traffic diversion
  • working with or near hazardous materials

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