CAD Technician Jobs Profile in Australia
A CAD (computer-aided design) Technician uses software to create design plans for buildings and machinery. A skilled CAD Technician can work across a wide range of industries, from engineering and construction to manufacturing. CAD Technicians may work in 2D (two dimensional) or 3D design.

A CAD Technician creates displays of structures or components, allowing engineers to take a virtual tour through a new building for example, to assist in structuring the wiring plan for that building. CAD projects also assist in the preparation of cost estimating, assemblage and maintenance manuals, and determining the extend of service and repair required on particular projects.

CAD Technicians require:

  • a reliable knowledge of engineering design principles
  • advanced numeracy and computer skills
  • good communication skills
  • an understanding of commonly used materials, manufacturing processes and construction methods
  • ability to cooperate and work as part of a team

CAD Technicians may enter this industry either through gaining qualifications in computer-aided design, or through an apprenticeship. The level of complexity and specialisation required of the particular role will influence the level of qualifications and experience required.

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