Taxi Driver Jobs Profile in Australia
A Taxi Driver is required to pick up passengers and transports them to their destinations. A Taxi Driver must be aware of and follows all local road regulations and fare collection. A Taxi Driver must at times, operate special equipment, including wheelchair lifts to assists passengers. It is the responsibility of the Taxi Driver to assist passengers with any luggage or cargo they may be carrying. A Taxi Driver must also have the ability to carry out basic automobile repairs and maintenance.

A Taxi Driver works long and irregular hours. They require excellent communication and driving skills and must maintain a friendly and professional demeanour even when dealing with highly agitated or demanding clients.

A Taxi Driver has the following common duties:

  • using a mobile computer system/radio network to access waiting passenger information
  • using a GPS/navigation system to locate designated passenger location and desired drop off location
  • determining the fastest, safest route between pick up and destination
  • receive money payments for fares and give correct change and receipt
  • assist passengers with luggage handling and storage
  • keep accurate logs of shifts, income and expenses
  • maintain a clean and safe vehicle

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