Airline Pilot Jobs Profile in Australia
Airline Pilots are responsible for the crew, cargo and passengers on board the aircraft at all times and must be able to ensure quality and safety standards.

Airline Pilots require a degree in addition to minimum flying experience conducted through flight schools and a relevant license. Obtaining this licence requires extensive theoretical and practical training. It is essential that a Pilot has medical clearance, excellent vision and language skills.

Airline Pilots will be required to monitor multiple factors at once and require excellent focus and multitasking skills. Additionally, they must be able to remain calm under pressure and to judge the best actions to take in response to changes in air traffic, altitude and weather conditions.

Ultimately, the objective of an Airline Pilot is to navigate a flight to its intended destination. Airline Pilots spend long periods travelling and residing out-of-home. They must be able to cope physically and emotionally with irregular schedules and changing time zones.

Airline Pilots may work for commercial and charter airlines, or in military engagement.

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