Diesel Mechanic Jobs Profile in Australia
A Diesel Mechanic repairs and maintains diesel engines in vehicles and machinery , such as buses, ships, trucks, railroad trains, electric generators, and construction machinery.

A Diesel Mechanic run diagnostic tests, to identify problems, and then removes and replaces faulty parts. A Diesel Mechanic also performs maintenance such as checking water-cooling systems, cleaning air and oil filters to prevent engine breaking down.

Diesel Mechanics may be required to completely take a diesel engine apart, replace worn parts, and put the engine back together.

Common duties of a Diesel Mechanic include:

  • using computers to research and locate services and parts
  • diagnosis, repair and maintenance of equipment such as excavators, loaders, dozers, dump trucks, underground machines, forklifts and trucks
  • diagnosis and repair of diesel engines used in power generation, marine propulsion and agricultural machinery
  • using welding equipment, hand and machine tools to manufacture or repair parts

Unlike a car mechanic, Diesel Mechanics work in a variety of locations according to client needs.

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