Sculptor Jobs Profile in Australia
Sculptors shape and join materials such as clay, fabric, plastic, metal, glass or wire to form 3D works of art. Sculptors also cut and carve images out of blocks of wood, plaster or stone. The formation of sculptural artworks may be done by carving, welding, and molding of materials by hand, through the application of sculpting tools, and by the casting and firing of clay.

Those interested in the field of sculpting should have evidence of having both skill and talent present in their portfolio when presenting it to art directors and other potential clients when seeking work. These portfolios should include samples of the artist's work in the form of photographs. Sculptors may also find employment as Forensic Sculptors, employed by police or government agencies to mold replications of faces or body parts in order to identify suspects or victims of crime.

Forensic Sculpting is a mixture of science and fine art. Forensic Sculptors use anthropological information about anatomy such as how muscles and skin adhere to bone and how facial structures differ among the races and between genders. When they create their reconstructions, Forensic Sculptors endeavor to make the faces appear as human as possible by incorporating personality into their end result.

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