Entertainment Jobs Profile in Australia
Entertainment jobs in Australia may not be the most easy to come by, but they are certainly some of the most exciting. Jobs in the entertainment industry are incredibly diverse; from actors and musicians to radio presenters and game show hosts, entertainment jobs are highly colourful and highly sought-after.

While many entertainers may ultimately be aiming for a role in the next feature film or to release a hit album, there is a variety of other entertainment jobs to apply for in the meantime, such as promotional appearances, MC jobs or roving character work.

Applicants for entertainment jobs don’t necessarily need training, but taking steps to improve skills is likely to increase employability, and looks impressive on a resume.

Formal and informal training is widely available across all areas – many tertiary institutions offer full degrees in a range of entertainment fields, while short courses and casual classes might be more suitable for those with time constraints.

If you’re looking for an entertainment job, you should be prepared to present yourself with confidence, energy and professionalism, and aim to develop a strong sense of ambition and a thick skin. A career in entertainment can be disappointing at times, but it can also be incredibly rewarding, so it is important to stay positive.

The first step to getting the job in entertainment you want is presenting an excellent application. Your resume and cover letter is the first contact you have with a potential employer, so you want to make the best possible impression.

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