Film Screen and Television Jobs Profile in Australia
Film Screen and Television jobs are many and varied ranging from entry level jobs to executive production. Candidates must be determined and flexible and have excellent communication skills both verbal and written.There are many routes open to a candidate interested in the areas of Film Screen and Television. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Make Up Artist: from making actors look completely flawless, to creating realistic looking wounds or effects, make-up artists help bring characters to life
  • Casting Director: responsible for determining which actors will play which roles in a film or television production
  • Production Assistant: an essential part of a production and a great start for those looking for a career in entertainment
  • Screenwriter: someone who writes for the screen. They write scripts or interpret existing books or theatre productions for screen adaptation
  • Production Designer: is responsible for the visual look of a project
  • Location Manager: the person in charge of closing the deal for the shooting location of a movie or television show
  • Camera Operator: operates camera in the studio and on location

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