Broadcasting Jobs Profile in Australia
There are a diverse and exciting range of jobs within Broadcasting. A thorough knowledge of broadcasting technology and an awareness of current events and cultural trends will be of great benefit to professionals in this field.

The following roles are the most common Broadcasting positions:

  • News Reporter: Typically cover a news story on location, either for radio, television or interview broadcast.
  • News Anchor: Usually introduce current news and in-depth stories from a television or radio studio. They usually read a script or rely on a prompter to assist in presenting stories.
  • Producer: May work in radio, television or Internet. The Producer decides on the most relevant topics and news stories for discussion or exploration on air. They manage the locations of News Reporters and arrange interviews and guest appearances.
  • News Director: Oversees all aspects of presenting the news, including supervising the running order of news stories, ensuring that all presenters are prepared and ready to record, and approves the Producer’s decisions.

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