Poultry Farmer Jobs in Australia
Poultry Farmers specialise in particular areas of poultry production, some are mainly focused on egg production, some produce poultry that is sold as meat and some specialise in breeding and selling chickens that are good egg layers.

Poultry Farmers who raise chickens for egg production collect the eggs soon after they have been laid, then put them into racks, wash them, sort them according to size package the eggs into cartons and refrigerate them ready for sale. The egg producing Poultry Farmer also hatches some eggs to maintain laying numbers.

Poultry Farmers who raise chickens for meat and breeding must inspect the animals daily, checking for disease and injuries. Most Poultry Farmers have machines to feed their birds and clean their enclosures. Poultry Farmers usually transport the live animal for sale or to the abattoir for slaughter.

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