Grain Farmer Jobs in Australia
Grain Farmers sow, harvest and sell grains including corn, wheat, rye and others. Generally, Grain Farmers specialise in two or three types of grain. Usually, Grain Farmers own their own land, or farms are owned by large corporations that hire farm managers to operate the production and business.

Grain Farmers grow crops used for human and animal consumption. The farming process is heavily reliant on mechanical equipment and thus the purchase and maintenance of equipment is a major responsibility for a Grain Farmer . The majority of day-to-day duties are physically demanding, outdoor tasks. The number of hours and the level of physical demand will depend on the season. Planting and harvesting times require the greatest time and effort, and Grain Farmers may recruit extra staff to assist in these processes.

Grain Farmers select the seeds that are most likely to prosper in their regional environment; choose the optimal time for planting; and control weeds, insects and disease. This may require spraying plantations and Grain Farmers must be aware of environmental consequences and local council and government laws around the use of land and chemicals.

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